You’re Sleeping? For Shame!
Source: Huffington Post

Author: Michael Larson
Release Date: December 18, 2015

The inconsistencies in how we manifest pride are baffling. At the local pub, a man’s prideful exclamation, “the next round’s on me!” is met with cheers. However, we could hardly imagine a similar scene playing out in a shoe store or at a cell phone retailer, even though the hurrahs would be just as hearty. Pride is a powerful driver of actions and behavior; it does us well to consider how we come under its influence with our life choices, particularly when it comes to feeling proud of being sleep deprived. More…

Boult to Receive Nikola Tesla Award
Source: UCCS Communique

Release Date: August 31, 2015

Terry Boult, El Pomar Endowed Chair of Innovation and Security, will receive the Nikola Tesla Award from Imagination Celebration Sept. 10.

Boult will be recognized for his role in creating the Bachelor of Innovation program at UCCS. The BI family of programs is a unique interdisciplinary undergraduate program between the College of Engineering and Applied Science, College of Business, College of Letters Arts and Sciences and College of Education. Each option in the program is composed of an emphasis major, an innovation core and one of four cross-discipline cores. Teams of BI students regularly work with companies, many of them local, to help drive innovations forward.  More…



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EPIIC Chair Terry Boult awarded patent for secure data encryption method incorporating biometric and cryptographic techniques

Source: University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office
Release Date: Sept 16, 2014

The CU Technology Transfer Office announces that UCCS computer science professor Terrance Boult (El Pomar Endowed Chair of Innovation and Security) was awarded a patent for a secure data encryption method incorporating both biometric and cryptographic techniques. U.S. 8,838,990 (“Bio-cryptography: secure cryptographic protocols with bipartite biotokens”) is part of a portfolio of intellectual property based on Dr. Boult’s work, and prosecuted by TTO on behalf of the university since 2004. This IP portfolio has been developed for commercial applications by CU startup company Securics. Walter Scheirer, a UCCS assistant professor adjoint and former computer science research assistant, is also an inventor on this patent.


Colorado Springs company has a nose for medical devices

Source: Colorado Springs Gazette
Release Date: Sept 13, 2014

If the thought of post-surgery stitches or staples in your nose makes you wince, you may soon have Colorado Springs entrepreneur Michael Larson to thank for developing a more palatable alternative.  Larson, owner of Mind Rocket LLC, and his business partner Randall Bast are trying to raise up to $1 million from angel investors to begin clinical trials of Larson’s medical device, which uses a laser to fuse human tissue and is being promoted as a quicker-to-use, quicker-to-heal alternative to stitches or medical staples in nasal surgeries. Click here to read more of this article.


Technology Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition
Authors: Thomas Duening, Robert A. Hisrich, Michael A. Lechter
Release Date: Aug 22, 2014

The focus of this book is on technology ventures — how they start, operate, and sometimes exit profitably. In short, it covers all the elements required to launch a successful technology company, including discussion of cutting-edge trends such as “entrepreneurial method” and “lean startup,” emphasis on the ideation process and development of an effective business plan, coverage of product and market development, intellectual property, structuring your venture, raising capital, sales and marketing, people management, and even strategies for exiting your venture. This is not another armchair book about entrepreneurship. It’s a working guide for engineers and scientists who want to actually be entrepreneurs. Click here for more information. To purchase on Amazon, click here.

The Entrepreneurial Method: As the Foundation of Entrepreneurial Expertise

Written by Thomas N. Duening, PhD, Matthew L. Metzger, PhD
Published: July 1, 2014

 ABSTRACT. Recent research suggests that entrepreneurs unwittingly may be practicing an “entrepreneurial method” that is similar to the scientific method practiced by scientists. The entrepreneurial method is similar to the scientific method in that it comprises a general approach that applies across the scientific disciplines or venture types, respectively. This paper takes up the notion of the entrepreneurial method, draws parallels with the history of scholarship into scientific method, and concludes that certain “moral virtues” may be the foundation of entrepreneurial expertise. In this paper, we propose four such moral virtues to be foundational to entrepreneurial expertise and explore their implications for entrepreneurship. pp. 78–101

Keywords: entrepreneurship; theory development; moral virtues
Visit Addelton Academic Publishers website for more information.

Vertical Market Strategy: The Case of an Executive Education Startup in a Medium-Sized Business School

Authors: Shawna Rogers, Tom Duening
Published: January 2013 

This paper provides an account of a vertical market go-to-market strategy that has been used by an executive education startup in the College of Business at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. The executive education startup is titled the “Office of Professional & Executive Development” and has been in operation for approximately 18 months. The office was launched explicitly using a vertical market strategy. That is, public training programs were designed for vertical markets only, enabling instructors to design programs with deep, industry-specific examples, cases, and lessons. Visit website for more information. 


The Entrepreneurial Method
Authors: Tom Duening and Gregory Stock

Release Date: Jan 15, 2013

Book  by Tom N. Duening and Gregory Stock.  The Entrepreneurial Method (Dubuque, IA:  Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2013).

How Entrepreneurs Think: Why Effectuation and Effectual Logic May be the Key to Successful Enterprise Entrepreneurship

Authors: Thomas N. Duening, Morgan M. Shepherd, Andrew J. Czaplewski
Published: December 2012

Recent research into effectuation and effectual logic show that entrepreneurs think and make decisions dramatically different than typical enterprise managers. One of the major issues in applying entrepreneurship and innovation to corporations is likely the misunderstanding and failed application of these core concepts to management practices. Thus, those studying intrapreneurship and innovation would find great value from this paper’s discussion of effectuation and effectual logic as it explains its major differences between entrepreneurs and typical enterprise manager views as they pertain to: Goal setting, risk taking, resource selection and gathering, dealing with setbacks, building networks, and management control. Visit website for more information.

The Startup Experience Video Series
Featuring Tom Duening
Release Date: 2011

What’s the best way to succeed with a new startup? Learn what works—and what doesn’t—from someone who has succeeded in the type of business you want to start. Over the course of this 25-part series, entrepreneurship expert Dr. Tom Duening interviews successful entrepreneurs, digging deep into their startup experiences. Each program is a powerful case study of a successful entrepreneur. The insightful business lessons in these case studies, and the tips and secrets the entrepreneurs reveal, can help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners save big money and avoid common mistakes. 25-part series, 53–87 minutes each. Visit the Films Media Group website for more information.


Developing at UCCS: a support group in a smartphone
Source: Colorado Springs Gazette
Release Date: July  18, 2010

Terry Boult knows a Breathalyzer can be beaten. He knows because his brother had done it numerous times.

Rory Lewis knows recovering addicts need a support network. He knows because he lost his daughter to heroin. He has no idea where she is.

Working together at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, the two are drawing on their heart-wrenching experiences to develop a new technology cool as a smartphone app. The goal: Give patients a mobile lifeline to medical professionals and the friends and family who support them and who steer them away from trouble. More…


Technology Entrepreneurship: Value, Creation, Protection, and Capture
Authors: Thomas N. Duening, Robert A. Hisrich, Michael A. Lechter 
Release Date: October 2009

Recognizing the unique needs of the technology startup, Duening focuses on intellectual property development, funding, and marketing/selling more than other texts in this market. Extensive use of technology examples, case studies, and assignments keeps the book relevant and motivating for engineering students. A full supplements package, including instructor manual and lecture notes, makes it easy to get the course up and running.