The Lions Den Pitch Competition, held on March 16th, 2023, brought together some of the brightest minds from various educational institutions in Colorado Springs. The event, which was sponsored by EPIIC in partnership with Goat Patch Brewing Co., provided a platform for Eight innovative young entrepreneurs to present their ideas and compete for a total of $5,000 in prizes. These teams represented the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, The US Airforce Academy, Colorado College, and Pikes Peak State College.

Hermes’ Signal from UCCS emerged as the winner of the competition, taking home the grand prize of $3,000. Auto-Tourniquet from USAFA secured the second spot with a prize of $1,500, while Outpost Ltd. from Colorado College claimed the third prize of $500. The event showcased the incredible talent and entrepreneurial spirit of the students and left a lasting impact on everyone who attended.

To read more about this competition read the full article here: UCCS team wins first place at Lion’s Den Pitch Night – UCCS Communique